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Tommy Bolin ‘People, People’ 1975
Taken from Tommy Bolin's ‘Teaser’ and features: Tommy Bolin (gtr & vocals), Stanley Sheldon (bass), Jeff Porcaro (drums), Jan Hammer (keyboards & drums) & David Sanborn (sax)

I love the song for itself obviously, but I love it for how it evolved – for starters Michael Walden was supposed to play drums on the track but he was a little late arriving that night.  Jan Hammer was already in the studio while we ran down the tune ... Dennis McKay was making subtle suggestion for my bass part: "put a long slide on the fretless bass on key intro notes" As we were doing this Jan jumps on the drums! We did not know about his drumming skills till then! When he, Tommy and I played as the section for the rhythm track it sounded unbelievably great. Dennis rolled tape and we cut it was as a three piece and I think we got it on the first take! Jan's drum fills were spectacular during the "out section" – he came in the next day and did the Hammond organ parts, Sanborn came in a little later to listen and get ideas for what he might do. I remember him asking "who's the bass player" as I nervously stood there next to him wondering if he liked it?  Great memories for that particular song.

(Stanley Sheldon, October 2015)

Design: David Streeten

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