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Warren Zevon
‘Werewolves of London’

Live at the Roxy during the ‘Excitable Boy’ tour, 1978/79.
Warren Zevon – vocals/piano, Waddy Wachtel – lead guitar, David Landau – rhythm guitar, Stanley Sheldon – bass & Rick Morotta – drums.

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Stanley Sheldon | Bassist | Live/Studio | Songwriter


Werewolves of London" is a rock song composed by LeRoy Marinell, Waddy Wachtel, and Warren Zevon and performed by Zevon. Included on Zevon's 1978 album Excitable Boy, it featured accompaniment by drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie of Fleetwood Mac. The single was released by Asylum Records as catalog number 45472. It entered the American Top 40 charts on April 22, 1978, reaching number 21, and remained in the Top 40 for six weeks.

According to Wachtel, "Werewolves of London" was "the hardest song to get down in the studio I've ever worked on." However, Wachtel "laid down his solo in one take, before he'd even had a chance to partake of the bump of coke and drink he'd placed in front of him." According to Jackson Browne (who was the producer for the recording), "Werewolves of London" along with "Excitable Boy" were written while work was being done on the album that preceded Excitable Boy but were not included on that album in favor of other songs. The song is in the key of G major, with a three-chord progression that runs throughout.

Werewolves: this was such a fun band – great rock n roll attitude! All star celebs at the Roxy that evening, including Jack Nicholson...

Stanley Sheldon, November 2015

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